white window pane wall art, laser engrave distressed window pane by Timber 2 Glass, personalize wall art window

Window Pane Wall Art

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Distressed White Window Pane Wall Art! Isn't this great? We take pride in our products being made especially for you. Let Timber 2 Glass laser engrave from one to all six sections. Great for gifts too! 

  **size :  approximately 16.14" x 19.88"

Note : You can add your personalization once you add this item to cart. You can enter it in the box under add a note to your order. The six squares are numbered from 1-6.  Please specify which square number and include EXACT spelling of name/word to be printed on item to avoid error. Be as detailed as you can be.I don't mind having too much information rather than not enough :) All Font Sizes are uniform, we will adjust it to fit your item UNLESS you specify otherwise. Like : 1-LOVE, 2-Faith and so on :)