<Can I use a different layout than you have showing.    Absolutely, just contact us and send us exactly what you need.  Our products has so many different options, how it can be engraved, that its very difficult to specify on our site.  We want you to tell us your request, and we will work together to get what you want.  That is what our customization is all about.  

<What are the shipping cost?     Click on shipping cost on the top home page. Our shipping is based on price.  We have such a wide variety of shapes and sizes that this was the least expensive way to calculate the cost.  We will always try our best to get the shipping as low as possible.

<Can I send an item to you to have it engraved?      Yes you can.  Just contact us so we can get details about your special request.  Our business is all about customization, so we want your unique product to be exactly what you want.